• Fred Barreto Group album release Moving on

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    Brazilian guitarist, Fred Barreto is one of a kind!
    He is one of those musicians who are recognizable from the first note played!
    Barreto is serious when it comes to playing solid Rock or raw Blues and there’s no need to try finding similarities with other guitar players: Fred Barreto is an acco...

  • Future Dub Orchestra

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    We have great pleasure in announcing a live performance brought to you from an amazing venue, St Paul’s Church in South West England.


  • BUDDA POWER BLUES . Pretend it's 1955

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    CONCERT START: 13th of March 2021

    The Portuguese Power trio revisit their songs pretending we were in 1955. No big Drums, no guitar pedals, before the British Invasion and right when Blues was electrified. It’s a special show made specifically for this live streaming.

    For those who know the Pow...

  • Munin - Intern

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    Produkt for intern bruk

  • Munin test

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    For internal testing purpose